Monday, November 17, 2014

Should a Muslim care about the idiots who hijack the Islamic religion? A reply to Dr. Ghada Gomaa Mohamed

While browsing through Linkedin, I read a post by Dr. Ghada Gomaa A. Mohamed: I am a Muslim and I don't care about the idiots who hijack my religion.

I think Dr. Mohamed should care.  If you are a managing a brand and you hear an advertising message that is inconsistent with your brand image, then you have to call those advertisers and ask them to cease and desist, if it is in your power to do so.  If they are reasonable, you employ reason.  If you have a rule book, you show the particular articles in the rule book.  Now, Islam is a brand of religion.  If Islam means peace and others use it for violence, you have to at least speak and condemn the violence as unrepresentative of Islam.  If the ISIS are reasonable, then you need to quote the verses in the Quran to convince them of their errors.

 Let us look at the following claims of Dr. Mohamed regarding Islam:
1. There is no difference between males and females in human rights and duties within a dynamic cyclicality.   
But why is it that the Quran says regarding inheritance that the male shall have the portion of two female (Sura 4:176) or that regarding loans the testimony of one man is equal to two women (Sura 2:282)? 
2. There are no differences among people. All people have equal rights and equal opportunities in life.  
Why does the Quran (Sura 9:29) command that non-Muslims, even if they are people of the Book, pay the Jizya tax as a sign of their submission and subjugation?
Perhaps, Dr. Mohamed can enlighten us regarding these things.  I think it would help if Dr. Mohamed explicitly states what branch of Islam she belongs to.  In this way, we can understand better why she doesn't care about the idiots who hijack her religion.
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