Monday, December 2, 2013

Subject tags for Monk's Hobbit articles based on the Catechism

Catechism of the Catholic Church
I have been reading a lot on the Classification Systems used by Libraries, such as the Dewey Decimal System, the Library of Congress, and the Colon System.  I planned to use their class and subclasses as the tags of my blog posts.  But it appears that these are not apt for this blog.  So what I plan to do is to use the subject headings in the Catechism as tags instead, provided that I don't go beyond the limit provided by Blogger: 200 tag characters per post and 2,000 maximum tags for the whole blog.  I'll try to do some estimates whether this is feasible, by counting the major subject headings in the Catechism's Index.  Let's see:

A to E F to J K to O P to T U to Z Total
37 285592131
1313  190752



This is surprisingly feasible, since most of my articles are about the Catholic Faith.  I'll revise again my tags. I think this is the fourth time I overhauled my tagging system in a span of one week.

Ok, here is the list of main subject headings of the Catechism for my reference:


Abortion, Abraham, Absolution, Act, Adoration, Adultery, Advent, Agnosticism, Alcohol, Almsgiving, Altar, Amputation, Analogy, Anamnesis, Angels, Anger, Animals, Anointing, Anointing of the Sick, Antichrist, Anxiety, Apostasy, Apostles, Apostolate, Apostolic Succession, Armed Forces, Arms Production, Arms Trade, Art, Artificial Insemination, Ascension, Ascesis, Astrology, Atheism, Authoriy, Autopsy, Avarice, Aversion


Baptism, Baptism of Infants, Beatific Vision, Beatitudes, Benevolence, Births, Bishop, Blasphemy, Blessing, Boasting, Body


Call, Calumny, Capitalism, Catechesis, Catechism, Catechumens, Catholic, Celibacy, Charism, Charity, Charms, Chastity, Children, Childrearing, Choir, Chrism, Chrismation, Christ, Christian, Christmas, Church, Clairvoyance, Collectivism, Commandment, Common Good, Communion, Communion of Saints, Concubinage, Concupiscence, Confession, Confirmation, Conscientious Objectors, Consecration, Consummation at the End Time, Contraception, Contracts, Contrition, Conversion, Correction, Cosmos, Council, Counsel, Creation, Creed, Cremation, Cross, Cult


Damage, Deacon, Death, Death Penalty, Decalogue, Decision, Defense, Deism, Demons, Depositum Fidei, Desires, Disordered, Despair, Detraction, Development Aid, Devil, Diocese, Disciples, Dissension, Divination, Divine Service (Liturgy), Divorce, Docetism, Dogma, Doubt, Dove, Doxology, Drug Traffic, Drug Consumption, Drugs, Dualism, Dying


Earth, Easter, Ecclesiastical Provinces, Economy, Economy of Salvation, Ecumenism, Embryo, Emmanuel, Emotions, Endtime, Enmity, Environment, Envy, Eparchy, Epiclesis, Episcopal Conferences, Episcopate, Eremitical Life, Eternal Life, Eucharist, Eucharistic Celebration (Mass), Eucharistic Ministers, Eucharistic Prayer, Euthanasia, Evangelical Counsels, Evil, Excommunication, Extravagance (Waste), Extreme Unction (Anointing of the Sick)


Faith, Faith (Profession of), Faithful, Faithfulness, Family, Famine, Fasting, Fasting (Lenten), Father, Fathers of the Church, Fear, Fear of the Lord, Feast Days, Fertility (Infertility), Fertilization, Filioloque, Fire, Flattery, Force, Forgery, Fornication, Fortitude, Fortune-telling, Fraternal Harmony, Fraud, Freedom, Freedom of Religion, Friendship, Funerals


Games of Chance, Generosity, Genocide, Gentleness, Gluttony, Gnosticism, God, Good, Goodness, Good News, Gospel, Grace, Greed


Habits, Hail Mary, Happiness, Hatred, Health, Heart of Jesus, Heaven, Hell, Heresy, Hierarchy, Holiness,  (Saints), Holy Days of Obligation, Holy Spirit, Holy Water, Homily, Homosexuality, Honor, Hope, Horoscopes, Hostages, Humility, Hypostasis, Hypostatic Union,


Icon, Idolatry, Ignorance, Impurity, Inadvertence, Incarnation, Incest, Incredulity, Inculturation, Indifference, Indulgences, Infertility, Ingratitude, Initiation, Inspiration, Intercommunion, Irony, Irreligion, Islam, Israel, Jesus Prayer, Jews, John the Baptist, Journalists, Joy, Judgment (Rash), Justice, Justification


Kidnapping, Killing, Kindness, Knowledge, Knowledge of God


Laity, Last Judgment, Last Supper, Law, Laws of Nature, Laying on of Hands, Lectern, Lection Divina, Lectors, Lent, Lie, Life, Light, Liturgy, Liturgy of the Word, Love, Lukewarmness, Lust


Magic, Magisterium, Man, Manichaeanism, Marriage, Martyrdom, Mary, Mass, Masturbation, Materialism, Media, Medical Treatment, Medicine, Meditation, Men, Mercy, Merit, Messiah, Millenarianism, Misappropriation of Funds, Missions, Modesty, Monophysitism, Moral Law, Mortal Sin, Mother, Murder, Music, Muslims, Mutilation, Myron, Mystagogy


Name, Natural Sciences, Neighbor (Love of ), New Covenant, New Testament


Oaths, Obedience, Oikonomia, Oil, Old Covenant, Old Testament, Orders (Sacrament of Holy), Original Justice, Original Sin, Orthodox Churches, Our Father


Palliative Care, Pantheism, Parables, Paraclete, Parents, Parish, Particular Church, Passions, Patience, Patriarch, Patriarchate, Peace, Penance, Penance (Sacrament of Confession), Pentateuch, Pentecost, Perfection, Perjury, Permissiveness, Piety, Plants, Politics, Polytheism, Pope, Pornography, Poverty, Praise, Prayer, Prayer Grops, Precepts of the Church, Prenatal Diagnosis, Presumption, Pride, Priest, Private Revelations, Proclamation of the Gospel, Profession, Promises, Property, Prophet, Prostitution, Providence, Provinces, Prudence, Psalms, Punishment, Purgatory, Purity of Heart


Rape, Readers, Reason, Redemption, Religion (Virtue of), Religious Life, Reparation,
Reproduction, Resistance, Responsibility, Resurrection of Christ, Resurrection of the Dead, Revelation, Revenge, Rite, Rosary


Sabbath, Sacrament, Sacrament (Mot Blessed), Sacramentals, Sacrifice, Sacrilege, Sadness, Saints, Salvation, Sanctus, Satan, Scandal, Schism, Science, Scripture (Sacred), Seal, Seat (Cathedra), Secular Institutes, Self-Control, Self-Knowledge, Self-Mastery, Servant of God, Servers, Sexual Abuse, Sexual Identity, SExuality, Sickness, Signs, Simony, Sin, Sin (Forgiveness of), Slander, Slavery, Sloth, Social Communcations (Media), Social Doctrine of the Church, Societies of Apostolic Life, Society, Soldiers, Solidarity, Son, Sorcery, Soul, Speculation, Speed, Spirit (Holy), Spiritism, State, Sterilization, Strikes, Subsidiarity Principle, Substance, Suffering, Suicide, Sunday, Superstition, Surrogate Motherhood, Symbolon, Symbols


Tabernacle, Tax Evasion, Technology Temperance, Terrorism, Theft, Theological Life, Theology, Time, Tobacco, Torture, Tradition, Transubstantiation, Trinity, Truth, Two Ways (Parable)


Understanding, Unity (Christian)


Veneration of Images, Viaticum, Vice, Virginity for the Kingdom of Heaven, Vocation, Vows, Voyeurism


Wagers, Wages, War, Way of the Cross, Wedding, Will, Wisdom, Witchcraft, Women, Work, World, Worship