Sunday, November 24, 2013

Books bought from CSMSv2: Code of Canon Law and The Exorcist: Spiritual Battle Lines

The Code of Canon Law and Exorcist v. 2
I attended the Catholic Social Media Summit today at San Juan de Letran.  I bought two books: The Code of Canon Law (in English Translation) and Exorcist: Spiritual Battle Lines (vol. 2). The Exorcist book is by Fr. Jose Francisco Syquia, Director of the Archdiocese of Manila Office of Exorcism.

The Code of Canon Law: Latin-English Edition is the law that governs the whole Catholic Church.  Here's an excerpt which I shall expound later in Monk's Hobbit:
Code of Canon Law: Latin-English Edition
Code of Canon Law: Latin-English Edition

Can. 808. No University, even if it is in fact catholic, may bear the title 'catholic university except by the consent of the competent ecclesiastical authority.
Can 810. Art. 1. In catholic universities it is the duty of the competent statutory authority to ensure that there be appointed teachers who are not only qualified in scientific and pedagogical expertise, but are also outstanding in their integrity of doctrine and uprightness of life.  If these requirements are found to be lacking, it is also that authority's durty to see to it that these teachers are removed from office, in accordance with the procedure determined by the statutes. 
On the other hand, the Exorcist: Spiritual Battle Lines is a continuation of the former Philippine best-selling book, Exorcism - Encounters with the Paranormal and the Occult (no image available).  Sorry, but this is very expensive in Amazon at USD 77.  Perhaps because it is already nearly out of print and it comes from the Philippines--may be tough to ship on time.  Please check if you can find this book in National Bookstore.  I bought the two books above for about USD 8 apiece from the Paulines Bookstore.  Here are some excerpts from the book:
An Exorcist Tells His Story
An Exorcist Tells His Story
Here in our country, people are now more aware that the Church is able to respond to issues concerning paranormal and preternatural  problems, and so the floodgates have been opened.  People with spiritual difficulties now seek help from her, together with the desire to learn what the Church really teaches regarding these phenomena.  Catholics are now turning to the Church for answers and resolutions, where before, they would seek them either from the New Age Movement or from our pagan and occult roots. (p. 15)

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